Count Drisdall was a mayor of Free City of Greede and adopted father of Caesar. He cared for Caesar with his now passed wife till his death. He used to collect antiques; one of his most wanted ones was Statue of Lepanne. He was voiced by Joe Alaskey in English version of first installment.


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White Knight ChroniclesEdit

He come across as a kind and wise man, with a love for antiques. He missed his wife who had unfortunately passed away years ago. He was suffering from old age illness and had to lie in bed for long periods of time.

The count later passes on and allows Caesar to go on with Leonard and his team to find his own destiny.

White Knight Chronicles IIEdit

One year later, Caesar and the goup use Retrospecticon to come back in time by forty years. Here, they meet young Drisdall in Bunker Lode Caverns where he wish to attempt the Dragon's Trial in order to free Greede of deadly purple mist. After fight along Caesar and his comrades, Drisdall is given by Matriarch Dragon a lance called Wyrmduke which is said to be able to pierce through armor of Netherwyrm. Here, the vision fades and party comes back to current time.

Later, when party kills the wyrm, Retrospecticon transfers Caesar into unknown time where he talks with Drisdall. Count gives him Dragonroost Insignia as gratutude of slaying "the deathless monster".


  • Count Drisdall was the only one of the three rulers to not be killed by the Magi.