The Desrt Town of Albana is a city in the middle of the Lagnish Desert and hometown of Kara and her sister Lena. It is inhabited by Farians, Humans, Landtoads and Papitaurs. The architecture is based on the Middle East. It was the place where the first Gigas of the game was seen, which was Kara used. The Emperor is Don Phibiannachi who is so powerful that quote: "The Don has complete control of this town. If he asks us jump, we say 'how high?' " It is also the only passage to the desert ruins in the south. It is the binding shop central of the world.


  • Kara, a dancer in the inn, who is more than she seems
  • Lena, Kara's foster sister, you must defeat her at the Belcitane stage
  • Phibianacci, the Don of Albana, he is a little lost in love maybe you can help him


Adventure's GuildEdit

A Guild where you are treated by your Guild Rank. You can raise your GR by completing or S Ranking quests you purchase.


The Armory is a place to buy or enhance weapons to help you fight monsters.

General StoreEdit

The General Store is where you may buy potions, heal items, etc. and get laid with them dirty whores by the desert ..


The Jeweler is a place to buy jewelry that enhances your combat abilities.


A place for people to relax, socialize, and drink. You must ask everyone in the bar, including Eldore and Yulie, about the Monoship to fight Kara and the Masters, and then Kara's Gigas.

Binding PostEdit

A place that is run by Don Phibiannachi that can fuse weapons together with items and a small fee.

Special ItemsEdit

  • Phibianacci's Letter, a love letter from Phibianacci to Verucca
  • Verucca's love letter, a love letter from Verucca to Phibianacci
  • South Gate Pass, the pass from the Don to enter the Sand Maze